CNB Mortgage Application Checklist

In order to process your mortgage loan request, please provide us with copies of the following required information for all types of loans:


  •   Completed and Signed Application
  •   Proof of Assets (Please provide ALL that apply)
    • Copy of 2 Most Recent Bank Statements for ALL accounts
    • Copy of Most Recent Investment/Retirement Statement
  •   Proof of Income for ALL borrowers (please provide ONLY copies of that which applies)
    •  Copies of most recent 2 years W-2s
    • Two Current Pay Stubs(less than 45 days old)
    • Current Statement of all Investment Income
    • Retirement/SSI Income
    • If Self Employed

      -Most recent 2 years Personal and/or Business filed Tax Returns with all schedules attached


  •   Copy of Drivers License for ALL applicants

  •   Email Address for each applicant


If Purchasing:

  •   Copy of Executed Sales Contract
  •   Copy of Legal Description and/or Survey


If Refinancing: (for those not currently financed with CNB):

  •  Copy of Title Policy or Warranty Deed
  •  Copy of Survey on Property, if available, or full legal description of property
  •  Information for Current Payoff of Liens
  • Copy of Current Insurance Policy on Property